13 reasons why you don’t want to work from home in summer

6. 8. 2014
13 reasons why you don’t want to work from home in summer

When it’s so hot outside, that the thermometer is about  to explode… It’s when every freelancer sometimes miss air-conditioned office. What’s the worst you can expect from working from home?

1. Peace and quiet to work? You can leave it to your dreams. Everyone is having a lot of free time. A LOT. And the sound of your neighbor’s lawn ruins all of your work plans. And again you made less than you would like to.

2. Everyone is on vacation, except for you. And you must always look at all photos of their travels. You just have to. Otherwise your Facebook wall would be completely empty.

3. Children were released from school. They ignore your deadline, make noises and want your attention. And you will have to give it to them.

4. Garden party, sunbathing  and smell of grilled steaks. This of course does‘t apply to you. All of this is happening at your neighbor’s garden. That’s the only thing you are able to think about.

5. Animals.. If you have them, they are everywhere. Your darlings will want to walk, feed, pat … And if you don’t? Cat will assist you with writing by constant walking over the keyboard and your dog will run around you until you feel dizzy.

6. Your run out of beer. In the best case scenario. At worst, your fridge is guarded by your mother in law. And she knows exactly how many beers you have there.

7. You are at home. All the time. You are at home so often that you get a perfect overview about when your neighbors go shopping,  who bought a new car and who is cuckolding wife. Others call it “snooping”, which you call “being well informed.”

8. You don’t have someone to learn from. Sometimes we all need someone who simply tells us that we have to try to turn it off and on.

9.  In the morning you have no reason to get changed out of pajamas.  During the day, it’s so hot, you stay just in underwear. In the evening you probably already work naked.

10. Your butt is glued to the chair. Especially annoying when you work naked.

11. It is cruelly lonely world. When your children jump on your head – which you don‘t want, nobody is around.

12. When you start to explain basics of html to your own cat … It’s time to get out among normal people.

13. And on top of that… They are all so beautiful tanned, only you are just white as a sheet.

So leave your worries at home and come to work in COWO Brno during August. We have air conditioning, chilled beer, great working atmosphere and good mood! :)

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