Coworking versus office for rent 1:0

5. 4. 2014
Coworking versus office for rent 1:0

What is the difference between coworking and office for rent? What are the main benefits of shared workspaces and why you should try them too? If you are asking some of those questions, then read on!

Friendly environment and equipment included in the price x No furniture, bare walls

When you rent  office, you often find yourself among four bare walls. And furniture investement is quite significant. And what about moving it! In COWO there is a fully equipped room with comfortable office chairs, quality tables, refrigerator, kitchen corner or sofa.

Internet is already included in the price x You usually have to pay for internet

You have to add the internet bill to rented office final price and then also utilities (water, heating and electricity). In COWO it is all included in the price of the tariff. We will ask you for no extra penny.

We adapt to your needs x You have to subscribe for at least 2-3 months 

When you lease in standard office for rent, you must usually sign a contract for at least one year. And the notice period is usually 2-3 months! This isn’t happening in COWO. You can have great office for just 4 months with notice just 20 days in advance!

Enjoying the company of like-minded people x working alone all the time

Anonymous environment where you usually don’t know who sits in next office. This is something you will not experience with us. What is more motivating than seeing hard work people around you? At the same time, whenever you need space and privacy for your business meetings, you can find it in the conference room.

You always have someone to go to lunch with x You often eat alone

Most major contracts are closed during the meal. You will never have to deal with lunch alone. There is always someone who likes to eat in your company in COWO. And be sure that those discussions are not only about business.

You can choose from several tariffs x Without the ability to change payment terms

One month you are in the office from morning to evening and another for just a few hours a week? Then you would definitely appreciate rental terms flexibility. In COWO you can choose from several tariffs from as low as 2000 CZK/month and each month can be changed exactly according your actual need.

Suddenly you find yourself in the centre x Offices are often situated to the outskirts of the city

COWO is exactly 300 steps from Česká street (transportation hub) and about 10 minutes to the main railway station. You can see the Governor’s Palace from the window and you are right in the epicenter of all the action in Brno. What’s more? There is a cinema right next to us!

People often compare prices and forget other important factors that ultimately multiply the price.

 Be one step ahead and try it with us right now!

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