What shall I do to become a member?

Contact us to make an appointment. . Appear in person, see the premises and you can start working. The first hour is free and if you will like it,you shall also sign the membership agreement. The agreement includes provision of an access key against a refundable deposit of CZK 1000.

What is included in the price?

You shall have the lounge area, desk, chair, high-speed internet, bathroom and kitchen facilities (microwave, electric kettle, dishes and cutlery) at your disposal. The price covers also all the utilities – electric power, heating, water rate, facility services, and elevator.

How can I enter the building?

The building is secured, to enter the building you need the key, which you shall be given upon signing the agreement. The key shall be issued against payment of a refundable deposit amounting to CZK 1000.

Can I come to COWO, sign the agreement and start right away?

Yes, you can. Bring your own laptop, we shall do the paperwork and you can start.

Are the premises furnished?

Yes, the furnishings include good desks, comfortable chairs, the lounge area and lockers (for 24/7 membership).

What are the main rules in COWO?

  • Everyone who commits to observing the COWO rules is welcome.
  • Consideration to the other working members.
  • Observing number of hours and days in accordance with your membership plan.
  • Keeping the place clean and tidy, including washing the dishes you used.
  • Problems and defects must be immediately reported to the operator.
  • Tariff changes must be notified by the 10th day of the month, invoices settled before maturity.
  • Cowo Brno is strictly non-smoking.

What are the rules for membership plans?

  • The membership plan (number of hours) is settled in advance for next calendar month. Unused hours are not carried forward to next month.
  • You get the invoice for next month every 11th day of the month. The maturity period is 3 weeks; please make the payment in time.
  • Due to capacity planning we need to know whether you wish to change/cancel your membership for the next month by the 10th day of the month. If we do not hear from you by that date, your membership shall be automatically extended.
  • If you run out of pre-paid hours in the course of the calendar month, you can switch to a higher plan (if the capacity allows) and settle the difference in price.

Can I share the access control card with someone else?

No. The access key is issued in your name and is not transferrable. Thus, the key may not be shared between two people. The other person must have his or her own membership plan.

Can I have my own PC and monitor on the desk?

You can have your own PC or monitor on the desk only in addition to the 24/7 membership plan. Please ask about conditions and availability.

Can visitors see me even if they are not members?

Yes, you may invite clients or colleagues who are not COWO members. If frequency of visits is high, please consider purchasing membership for your colleague.

Can I talk over the phone in the office?

If you are quiet, you may use the phone directly in the office. If you think your call may be long, it would be thoughtful of you to use the lounge area or the hall.

What is the closing time of the building?

The standard hours of operation are 7am to 7pm. This restriction does not apply to the 24/7 membership: you shall have access for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I work late hours with the 24/7 membership plan?

Yes. With the 24/7 membership your may work when you choose and for as long as you like.

Is there a meeting room?

Yes, there is a separate meeting room in the premises. The use of the meeting room is charged extra, in addition to the membership rates .

Is there a printer, copier and scanner?

Yes. You shall have a black-and-white A4 printer, copier and scanner at your disposal. The price of print is CZK 3 per A4 page. You can also copy and scan documents. The guide and drivers to the printer can be downloaded here.

Is there a flipchart or data projector?

Yes. There is a flipchart and data projector for the purposes of lectures, events and training courses. Please ask us about the prices of use.

Where can I park my car?

Free parking is available in třída Kapitána Jaroše, Náměstí 28. října and surrounding streets – ca 400 meters from Coworking Brno. The closest paid parking is in Moravské náměstí (Rozmarýn Garages) and before Janáček Theatre, both about 200 meters from the COWO.

Can my company have the registered office in COWO?

Unfortunately not. The owner of the building does not allow other companies establishing their registered offices here.

I´m interested. Tell me more!

Want to come, see and try COWO? Have questions? We will call you.

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